Traci Thompson with RV Gems designs jewelry, keychains, car accessories and household items that feature her custom-made RV charms (i.e., motorhome charms, camper / Airstream charms, and van charms), as well as other pieces with a boho flair.  


Traci was featured in an article titled Designer Works To Live On The Road While Designing RV Charms, Jewelry, Key Chains, Car Accessories And More by Candice Reed on Mobile RVing: The Buzz - Check it out!

We're currently in Orlando, Florida wishing we were on the road!

If you'd like to make a small donation towards a motorhome that my husband and I will live in full-time, please GoFundMe!

She uses high-quality materials in every piece that she makes from the comfort of home. And, each purchase and donation hastens Traci's transition to RV life!

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